Special Announcement

A Prayer for Iowa’s 4th District

For those who live in fear of being torn from their homes, of losing everything they’ve worked hard to build, such as immigrant workers or their employers, may you have leaders who will work to alleviate those fears and offer a humane and permanent path forward.

For those farmers troubled by worries about markets and finances, may you find comfort from your fellow Iowans. We are in awe that you feed the world, and we stand ready to give you our shirt … and a back to go with it.

For those who are in poor health or have a loved one who is, may you be healed physically and mentally, provided expert, kind, and generous care, and be free of financial worry.

For those who live in fear created by others, may you find relief by engaging with those who believe in embracing the best of creation.

For those who have been isolated from friends and family due to anger and righteousness, may you find strength to offer and accept forgiveness and to seek compromise with an open heart and an open mind.

For those who live in fear of violence, may you choose leaders with the inspiration, insight and intellect to find peaceful solutions and provide reliable comfort.

For those who have difficulty welcoming those who are different, may you find inspiration from Robert Ray, the Iowa governor who passed away this year. He welcomed 10,000 starving Vietnamese refugees when no one else would, highlighting Iowa’s humanitarian heritage, while diversifying and enriching our state’s culture.

For those who seek to diminish those with whom they disagree, may you find enlightenment to see the hurt you cause and commit to disagree with a lighter touch, with facts, and with decency.

For those who have become skeptical, angry, or cynical, may you find the strength to turn your back on these impulses and find relief by seeking the good in—and assuming the best about—others.

For those who may be worried about how to vote on Tuesday, may you realize the wisdom to trust your own heart and mind, for only you can make your decision about what is best for you, your family and neighbors, and our state.

Finally may you find comfort in living in a country where you are given the freedom and power to cast out fear and hatred, influence a path forward for the Iowa of today and of the future, and care for others as they would care for you.

Special Announcement

A new website has been launched—Debate Questions for Steve King—to provide a collection of questions which could be asked the 4th District Representative in a debate.

  • The questions have been written to address Rep. King’s statements and actions in the last few years, thus making them timely.
  • The questions have been written to be non-partisan and similar to questions Rep. King might be asked in an actual debate.
  • The questions have been written to be on issues publicly known, making them surprise-free.

This site serves simply as a resource for journalists and citizens. 

These questions are welcome to be used by the two campaigns to continue discussion of a possible debate. At the very least, they provide topics for which the King campaign could choose to address for constituents or journalists could seek to have answered from Rep. King.